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Clearly I need motivation. Getting a nifty keyboard for my mini iPad has helped, and as I was heading back to work (after writing in a cafe during my lunch break), I came across this man:

Picadilly Circus Painter
I thought, even the rain hasn’t stopped him from painting. I didn’t get a good look at him but I pondered about his identity. Could he be a famous artist? Or just an ordinary guy who took the day off to paint? Maybe he’s a tourist who brought his painting supplies instead of a camera? Or… a scammer! A scam artist who pretends to paint ready made ones that he hides in his handy briefcase and takes another one out whenever someone buys one (I miss watching I Love Lucy).

Or he’s a commuter, just waiting for the bus to arrive. After all, he is standing next to a bus stop in Central London. Just look at the traffic. Clever guy.


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