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David Lynch does Dior

This short clip/long commercial is just as weird as the collaboration itself:

Apparently, it’s inspired by his poem, Lady Blue (like that makes it more clear):


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Zero 7 at Terminal 5 (not the airport)

Compared to the last time I saw them live back in 2006 at Islington Bar Academy and Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London, there was no Jose Gonzalez or Sia Furler.  This time Eska Mtungwazi and Martha Tilston sang along with Zero 7 and both had amazing performances.  Although I thought at first Sia Furler would make an appearance I realized it wouldn’t be fair as it wouldn’t have been appropriate to steal her successors’ limelight.  Their versions of the older songs were fantastic especially Martha’s performance of “In the Waiting Line.”

Most of the reviews for “Yeah Ghost” have been negative, and even though I wouldn’t go as far as these comments, I must admit their previous albums are better.  But it is still growing on me, and I do appreciate their new direction given that there are new singers who no doubt would prefer to give their own input rather than stick to a previous formula.  In fact my favorite track is “Pop Art Blue.”

Back to the concert, I was disappointed that I couldn’t figure out how to take proper photos even though I was only a few feet away, as oppose to the last time I saw them I managed to take clear photos from the very back of the venue – very annoying.

Martha Tilston with Zero 7 at Terminal 5, 27 Nov 2009

Sia Furler with Zero 7 at Shepherd's Bush Empire, 03 June 2006

Sia Furler with Zero 7 at Shepherd's Bush Empire, 03 June 2006

And now for your enjoyment, Martha Tilston’s lovely rendition of “In the Waiting Line”

… and Eska Mtungwazi’s “Destiny”

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Sunny Day in New York

All original members of Sunny Day Real Estate (yes, even the bassist from Foo Fighters) have reunited and are touring this year!

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