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Run run run run run run…

storm’s a brewin’…

I had no endurance as a kid.  In school I dreaded any type of long distance run – in high school it was either four laps around the school’s track (one mile) or one lap around the entire high school (longer than a mile).  In middle school, it was again one mile or one really long lap around campus, down a dirt path right next to campus and then uphill behind the school and back in.  Ugh.

In elementary school we had annual sponsored runs.  In order to raise money, we would ask family and friends to pledge us money based on the number of laps we would run in 30 minutes – usually people would donate anywhere from 10 to 50 cents a lap but I remember being so ecstatic when my babysitter pledged $1 per lap (this was way back in the early 90’s).  Then someone advised me to breathe in with my nose and out with my mouth – I thought this advice was a secret, magical technique, and it would make it much easier to run really fast, and I’d never get tired.  Sure enough when 8 year old Van started running, applying this supposed secret magical technique, the outcome was initially confusion – why are my legs getting heavier!?  Why is it hurting more and more to breathe?!  Eventually my body morphed from a proper runner’s stance to shoulders slouched,  head barely up, and legs dragging across the field.  And eventually there was disappointment.  I think I managed a mere 15 laps or so – below average I believe.

All of this I happened to recall after I dream I recently had.  I was running.  I kept going and going and going.  And going.  It felt good, no, it felt comforting, to be able to run for such a long time.  Every breath was an extra boost of energy to the point where it was effortless to keep running.  I had no idea where I was going or where I was but it didn’t matter to me.  I didn’t know how fast I was going but it didn’t matter to me.  There were no goals, no pledges, no pressure.

I woke up and felt energized.  But slightly disappointed when I realized it was just a dream.  Then again, I think if a hurricane was chasing after me, I’d have no problem running as fast as possible.


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David Lynch does Dior

This short clip/long commercial is just as weird as the collaboration itself:

Apparently, it’s inspired by his poem, Lady Blue (like that makes it more clear):

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Free(man) as a bird

One of my reoccurring dreams is me flying in order to escape an unfortunate event, i.e. people shooting guns at me.

It’s a futuristic dystopia – numerous drab and dreary  monumental buildings yet clear blue skies, and my gut feeling is that I’m not suppose to be here.  I have a small headphone in my ear as I’m trying to get out of this place.  Then, the voice of Morgan Freeman resonates in my ear, “Leave now.”

So I obey.  Instead of trying to run, I attempt what I always do when I’m in this sort of situation (in my dreams that is).  I get on the tips of my toes and push up.  And a way I go – upwards.  As the military look up at me in confusion, I feel victorious.  But this is short-lived.  It was one of those comedic moments in sequels when the protagonists think, “oh yeah I’ve been in this situation before” but this time around it doesn’t work.  For that split second in the air victory becomes utter FAIL.  Then I realize that I’m about to fall.  So I descend.  But not in a frantic realistic way.  Remember this is a dream.  (Morgan Freeman, what do I do now?)  “When you land, head to the nearest military vehicle,” he commands.   So I obey.  I gracefully land in a seat of a jeep.  All these lights brighten up and the engine roars – somehow Morgan Freeman manages to take control of this vehicle without having to be in it with me.  (This is how it feels to be Knight Rider).  He fogs up the interior which obviously prevents people from spotting me (like tinted windows would suffice).  As the vehicle drives off to freedom, the military runs in the opposite direction trying to hunt me down.  (Cue Knight Rider theme song…)

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Balancing a sexual demonstration on my nose

What a drab n desolate day.

I’m in a descending elevator.  A descending elevator crowded with valet employees.  I look down at myself – I’m wearing what they’re wearing –  a white-collar long sleeve top with a red bow tie, red vest, and black trousers.  I’m slightly confused.  How did I end up here?  My supposed fellow colleagues anticipate about the luxury cars they’ll be fortunate to drive.  Audi R8.  Ferrari Enzo.  Infiniti G35.  Mercedes CL 600.  Porsche 911.  Lamborghini Testarossa.  But in my hand, I don’t have a set of keys.  I look around the elevator and realized that this isn’t an ordinary elevator.  It’s one of those wooden devices that window cleaners use on the sides of skyscrapers.  But we are in an elevator shaft.  Not on the side of a skyscraper.  And we’re valet workers not window cleaners.  The pulley devices on the sides are made of rope, and those are what’s making us descend.  Descend where?  I have no clue.  Then one of the pulley devices snaps.  We lose balance as the wooden elevator is now hanging by one side.  I manage to squeeze through an opening.  Then I start running.  Through the auditorium.  Through offices.  Through classrooms.  I must escape.  Hoping that each door I open would lead outside, I end up in another room.  But I keep running.  As I pass through each room, the people look confused.  Or they yell at me to get back to work.  But I keep running.  Then success!  The brightness of the outdoors almost blinds me.  The smell of the crisp fresh air intoxicates me.  But I keep running.  I ignore the onlookers.  I ignore the evergreen trees and bushes.  I ignore the temptation to stop running.  In fact, I can’t believe I still have the endurance to run.  I look back – the building I just escaped from was created within a mountain.  I can see the windows within the mountain’s crevices.  I look ahead.  I’m surrounded by more mountains.  But there are no buildings in these ones.  I look up at the sky – it’s such a bright and sunny day, yet it’s chilly.  Perhaps it’s one of those days where there was a horrendous downpour the night before, and now, the clouds have passed, letting the sun shine at it’s brightest.  I run through miniature wooden bridges and listen to the water falling on the sides of the mountains as well as the water streams underneath me.  I continue to look forward and ignore the past.  And I now pay attention to the evergreen trees and bushes.  What a gorgeous view – I could take a beautiful landscape shot but I can’t stop running. 

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