Airplane Reunion

So I’m officially not a New Yorker anymore 😦  Even though I’ll be back for a week in a couple of weeks, I’ll technically be a tourist.  Eek!

While waiting to board the plane, I spotted a jr. high and high school classmate.  It was one of those moments where I kept glancing back at her, and I’m sure she noticed me looking at her, but of course she didn’t recognize me and probably thought I was a creep.  Back then, she was the popular cheerleader, and I was the wannabe nerd.  Even though in jr. high school we were part of the leadership team – I was Historian (a precursor to my career as an Art Historian, whowuddathunk) and she was something I can’t recall right now.  I didn’t think much of it afterwards, but once we boarded the plane, guess who sat right next to creepy me?  She did of course.  Throughout the entire 5-6 hour flight I kept thinking whether or not I should say something.  “Hey, remember me?”  “Hey, aren’t you so-in-so?”  “Hey, you probably don’t remember me, but I think we went to high school together.”  I even thought about calling a friend as an excuse to say my hometown in the hopes that she would recognize the city and then recognize me.  Midway through the flight she took out her laptop and started watching videos of herself weightlifting.  I thought, “is she training for the Olympics?”  Maybe I can start up a conversation about the London Olympics, mention I’m moving there, and eventually our hometown would be brought up…

Then I suddenly realized that she was the one that got me cut from the jr. high basketball team!  Okay, she didn’t really get me cut.  When I was a kid I liked playing basketball, however the only experience I had was really just shooting hoops.  When trying out for the jr. high team, we were doing drills where one person would dribble the ball across the court while another person would go against that person.  So as I was dribbling the ball, she was the one against me, and she successfully snatched the ball away from me.  That moment got me cut from the team.  But I don’t blame her at all.  It could have been someone with a broken leg and that person would have snatched the ball away from me.  I was cut because I sucked.  I’ve since embraced my wannabe nerdness (especially since I now have these uber geek chic eyeglasses), and I did chuckle when that memory came back to me.

But I remained silent the entire flight.  After dwelling on it, I just couldn’t be bothered.   I’m enjoying life now, and I really didn’t want to reminisce about high school nor did I want to talk about what we’ve been up to these days.  What’s the point?  So we exited the plane together but probably didn’t go our separate ways as I’m sure we were heading in the same direction – our hometown.


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