Subletting in NYC

First and foremost, Happy New Year!

Secondly, this blog is what people call “first world problems.”  So reader beware.

Excuses alert: One of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging is that I needed to find a sublet apt.  And finding a sublet is one of the most stressful things I’ve ever done.  It is like looking for a job; you’re on Craigslist every second emailing potential places and IF they respond back, you visit the place, they interview you, and you have to wait whether or not you’ve been picked.  And you can’t really plan ahead because you can’t really start looking for a place until at most a month prior to your move out/in date.  In the one month that I looked for a place, I applied to about 100 places.  Out of the 100 places, I had a handful of interviews.  And out of those interviews, I was chosen twice.  I turned down the first place (it smelled funny okay?) and the second place was confirmed 5 days before I had to move out of my other apt.

The place I ended up moving to is in East Village – a prime spot in Manhattan where everyone goes out to bars and restaurants.  And I was ecstatic.  The first week I was there friends were telling me where they were going out and it’d be a block away from where I live.  Best part of my room – I’ve a view of the Chrysler Building.  My two roommates are sane, mature, clean people who I get along with really well.

Now the downsides of subletting – you’re not on a lease therefore you don’t really have any rights.  But hey, those are things that are not that important especially since I’m only at this apt for 6 months.  Right?

I found out that my roommate (who’s on the lease) has been charging me more in rent than himself, and he has the bigger room.  I’m not surprised; in fact, I was expecting it.  I told myself, it’s only 6 months, I get along with my roommates, and East Village is a great location.  Plus, the rent was within my budget.  But I woke up in the middle of the night last night and haven’t been able to sleep since.

“Oh but it’s happened to me so it’s okay for me to do it.”

That’s his rationalization.  No morals.  No conscience.  He’s motivated by greed.  Everyone else is doing it.*  Because he was fucked over, it’s okay to fuck other people over.

There’s a great article about why people do things psychologically because everyone’s doing it, even if it’s wrong.

I haven’t confronted him about it just yet.  Then again, is it worth it?  He can charge whatever he wants.  He could essentially live rent free.  But is it right?  No.  Does he care?  No.  Although it’s shady, everyone else is doing it, so he feels safe because he’s mentally part of the group.  Survival is in numbers.  He’s not alone and vulnerable (and finger-less and ear-less**).  But what about guilt?  I guess when one’s swimming in money, it’s quite easy to suppress it.***

But it’s okay because guess who’s cleaning the toilet with a certain someone’s toothbrush?  (Just kidding.****)

I didn’t mean to start off 2012 whining and complaining about life.  My life for the most part is pretty awesome.  I can assure you 2012 will be an exciting year, and I can’t wait to blog about it!


*So Why Can’t We?  (Great album.  Totally listening to Linger right now.)

**If you haven’t read the article, go read it!

***I’m essentially funding his vacation trip next month to New Zealand.  Asshole.

****Or am I?


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