Run run run run run run…

storm’s a brewin’…

I had no endurance as a kid.  In school I dreaded any type of long distance run – in high school it was either four laps around the school’s track (one mile) or one lap around the entire high school (longer than a mile).  In middle school, it was again one mile or one really long lap around campus, down a dirt path right next to campus and then uphill behind the school and back in.  Ugh.

In elementary school we had annual sponsored runs.  In order to raise money, we would ask family and friends to pledge us money based on the number of laps we would run in 30 minutes – usually people would donate anywhere from 10 to 50 cents a lap but I remember being so ecstatic when my babysitter pledged $1 per lap (this was way back in the early 90’s).  Then someone advised me to breathe in with my nose and out with my mouth – I thought this advice was a secret, magical technique, and it would make it much easier to run really fast, and I’d never get tired.  Sure enough when 8 year old Van started running, applying this supposed secret magical technique, the outcome was initially confusion – why are my legs getting heavier!?  Why is it hurting more and more to breathe?!  Eventually my body morphed from a proper runner’s stance to shoulders slouched,  head barely up, and legs dragging across the field.  And eventually there was disappointment.  I think I managed a mere 15 laps or so – below average I believe.

All of this I happened to recall after I dream I recently had.  I was running.  I kept going and going and going.  And going.  It felt good, no, it felt comforting, to be able to run for such a long time.  Every breath was an extra boost of energy to the point where it was effortless to keep running.  I had no idea where I was going or where I was but it didn’t matter to me.  I didn’t know how fast I was going but it didn’t matter to me.  There were no goals, no pledges, no pressure.

I woke up and felt energized.  But slightly disappointed when I realized it was just a dream.  Then again, I think if a hurricane was chasing after me, I’d have no problem running as fast as possible.


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