False Relationships?

I started writing this back in January…

The other day my colleague handed me a newspaper (yep, they still exist) and pointed out an article for me to read.  After a couple of minutes struggling to read an article from an actual newspaper, I googled the article and finished in online.  To sum up the article, it was about the negative and positive views of the progression of the Internet.

One argument the article noted was that the Internet creates “false relationships.”  Now I’m all about the interwebs.  Although the riots through England were incited with the help of BBM and Twitter, I truly believe the pros outweigh the cons.  My mom, who has recently joined Facebook, told me about how excited she was chatting with her brother (she lives in California, and he’s currently in Singapore) on Facebook chat.  I have cousins from a rural town in the Philippines who are able to speak with their dad on a regular basis thanks to Skype (same one based in Singapore).

Speaking of Skype, I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for 3 years now.  A question I regularly get is, “But how do you know your SO is not cheating?”  Well, due to Gchat and Skype, we chat quite often, Gchat during work (shh!) and Skype after work and weekends, more so than couples who actually live together.  Unless said SO is fooling around at the crack of dawn, I’m pretty sure there’s no cheating involved.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly difficult.  But it’s reassuring when there are moments like receiving drunken phone calls from said SO – like declaring “Fuck the 19th century, I’m a modern man.  We will not let distance get the better of us” or most recently a drunken tour guide of London after midnight (BST) thanks to Skype via iPhone 4.

My dad recently saw one of his brothers and he mentioned he hasn’t seen nor spoken to him in five years.  Five years?!  I told my brother I couldn’t imagine not speaking to him for that long – he’s based in Cali, and I’m on the other side of the US in NYC.  AIM (Yes AIM, go figure.  I tried converting him to Gchat.  Oh well) keeps us regularly in contact.

Being an avid traveller (yes, two l’s), I’ve been fortunate to make friends all over the planet and emails, Skype, Facebook, Gchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc keeps me in touch with them all in a cost effective matter.*

So you tell me if any of these are false relationships.

*Although I must admit, getting postcards and letters are quite nice.



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3 responses to “False Relationships?

  1. Stephane

    Reading this made me feel good somehow, cheers. Good to hear you to are doing well. Catch up soon.

  2. This makes me smile. Bean and I did UK long distance for a while and that was hard. (So not hard at all in comparison to the Pond).

    So anything that actually brings you closer between the “conjiggle* visits” is good in my book. (Well for the SO anyway!)

    *I guess that should be conjugal – although you are not in prison nor married?

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