On, Wednesday, 22 December 2010, I emailed a dear friend reassuring her that although snow is expected on Sunday, it’ll most likely be light and my return flight to NYC will be on schedule.

I received a phone call from American Airlines late Saturday night informing me that due to the coming snowstorm my flight has been cancelled.

What a way to jinx myself.  (Jinx!)

I was understandably annoyed but looking back at it now, I was very impressed by American Airlines’ customer service.  Whereas they called me to reschedule my flight, other airlines didn’t bother doing so.  I had friends who were on the phone for hours trying to reschedule days after the snowstorm, yet I had already rebooked.

My luck continued when I arrived at the airport and watched all other flights to NYC, before and after my flight, being cancelled.  I was so certain my flight would be cancelled that I called my dad to tell him to turn back and pick me up.  I mean, stranded in gorgeous weather (70 degrees F) with all the Del Taco chicken soft tacos, In n Out burgers I could possibly eat, didn’t seem like a problem at all.  But sure enough, we boarded and were on our way back to NYC.

After a smooth flight we were told that JFK still hadn’t opened so we had to hover for almost an hour over the city:

From up there you couldn’t tell the snowpocalypse descended upon the Concrete Jungle.

We were literally only the third plane to land once the airport opened, and after a roar of applause, we were then informed that we’d have to wait on the runway for another couple hours because all the snow had yet to be cleared.

I thought my luck had finally ran out once I realized that the Airtrain wasn’t running, and there were no taxis in sight (in fact, no vehicles at all).  I became disheartened when one of the (very few) airport workers informed me that I’d most likely have to spend the night at the airport as most streets if not all have not been cleared therefore there was no transportation whatsoever.   Trying to figure out my next plan, i.e. where exactly in the airport I would camp out (next to the vending machines?), when miraculously the one taxi that did eventually arrived happened to be taking it’s passenger to where I needed to go.  And this passenger was kind enough to let me ride along, and even better, he refused to let me pay half of the cab fare.

Once I arrived in my neighborhood, I was slightly daunted by the amount of snow between me and my apartment.  In some parts we’re talking 5 feet of fresh snow.  None of the roads or sidewalks were cleared, and the wind was beginning to pick up again.  I thought to myself that even though it’s been years since the last time I snowboarded, it would’ve been much easier to get through the snow that way.  But somehow I managed to trudge through the snow, all while dragging my luggage.  And after five hours after arriving in JFK, I finally arrived home.

The next day:

A few days later:

A few days after that:

Even after my ordeal, I am still grateful as there were others less fortunate than me.

Then again, we could’ve had this:

If these people can clear these roads, surely NYC can too.


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