Filthy July

My friend Kristin Reger, artist in residence at The Space,  is currently exhibiting works at the Fardom Gallery in LIC until July 31st.  I attended her opening last night and I sensed that her works brought to life objects we often see everyday yet tend to ignore – thrown out mattresses and other trash as well as rats.  She refers to this as involuntary visual consumption.  She also showcases voluntary sights such as “domestic items, the seemingly insignificant things we surround ourselves with to be happy.”  The title of the exhibition itself refers to Tim O’Brien’s novel, July July.

As the art world takes a break for the summer, Kristin uses this annual sabbatical as well as NYC’s unbearable heat as another source of inspiration in these works. With NYC’s record-breaking high temperatures, I am impressed by her hard work and persistence, and in the end, it definitely paid off.  Congrats, Kristin!


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