On 1 May 2010 Deitch Projects held its last ever exhibition.  Conveniently titled May Day, this exhibition featured works by Shepard Fairey.  Excited about attending his opening and nabbing his limited edition May Day Flag print, I was bummed out when I saw a huge queue and a large crowd of people surrounding the gallery.

Knowing that people were staying for hours, I grew impatient after 5 minutes and left.

Fast forward to 4 July 2010 at around 1am.  In a buzzed stupor, my brother and I walked by Shepard Fairey’s mural on East Houston and found it in tatters – with chunks of the wall lying on the ground.  Yes, I know he was trying to express political ideas such as “global warming, health care, free speech, activism, and the dysfunction of the two-party system in Washington,” but hey, now I’ve got an even better piece from Shepard Fairey!


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