I’ll be the first to admit that one of my weaknesses is the inability to decide on something right away.  So after accepting the new job and giving my two weeks notice to my current job, I decided to retract my decision.  I still wasn’t certain after my initial decision, and although I caused a bit of drama after changing my mind, I still felt it was the right choice.  I let something that was purely exciting get in the way of my priorities.  Hopefully everything will go back to normal and I can continue concentrating on my writing.

In other news – I found a ladybug in my salad.  I wasn’t grossed out at all but thought it was adorable, hah.  And I learned that it’s good luck to find a ladybug.

My attempt at Photoshop

Then after work, while trying to pass through loads of tourists on 5th Ave, a lady comes up to me, and with a concerned look on her face, gives me a flyer and says, “I’m a psychic and you should really come see me.”

Only in New York.


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