Anish Kapoor’s Memory

On my last day of freedom (new jobby job starts tomorrow, woohoo!) I ventured off to the Guggenheim Museum.  I wasn’t bothered that the rotunda was closed to prepare for a new exhibition that opens this Friday as I wanted to see Anish Kapoor’s Memory exhibition one last time before it closes this Sunday.

Known for his sculptures such as “Cloud Gate” located in Chicago’s Millennium Park (or as I like to call it, the gigantic jelly bean), his exhibition is basically a giant metal object that seems to have been shoved into a relatively small room.  There are only three places to view the object (two on each end of the object and one in the middle), enticing the observer to piece together these views to form an idea of what the sculpture looks like from their memory.

In one of the rooms one can actually see the inner part of the sculpture.  One is unable to see anything apart from a dark void, a reoccurring theme in all of Kapoor’s works.  For me, there seemed to be this conflict between what you see (or can’t see) and what your brain wants to see.  It’s quite frustrating and not so easy on the eyes.

Not knowing how the gallery room looks like, I imagined these pieces of metal shaped into a round object that’s curved in the middle, similar to his “Cloud Gate” (jellybean!) sculpture.  Upon viewing the video on the Guggenheim’s website, I was completely wrong.  I was slightly disappointed that they actually reveal the actual shape as I thought it defeated the purpose of his concept.

Nevertheless, it was a great exhibition, and I’m sure it’ll be loads of fun dismantling it come Sunday night.


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