De La Vega Hits the UES in NYC!

The last few weeks I’ve been spotting De La Vega’s work in the Upper East Side.  Known for his street drawing that are usually done with chalk, I was lucky to notice a sketch of a wine bottle on a table with the Latin quote, “In vino veritas” meaning, “In wine, there’s truth” (tru dat!) in front of a wine store.  I saw other simple chalk sketches here and there but was amazed to see his motto “Become your dream” written with a sharpie on a mattress and a couple of couches (that looked like inverted hot dogs) thrown out onto the curb.

When researching more about him, turns out he has a little museum on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village.  On his blog, I chuckled when I read that they are closed on rainy days.  If only my job had those kind of hours.


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