A two hour delayed flight made me arrive at JFK at 2am.  As I walk into the airport, I seesaw between taking the subway or cabbing it.  In the distance I see a quirky guy holding his notebook as a sign.  Curious, I walked towards him, squinting at his note that says “Want to share a cab – going to Washington Heights.”

“Sure,” I say, and after failing to get a third person, we head outside.  I assumed he was a New Yorker because he began hustling cab drivers for a $40 ride into Manhattan to two stops.  We managed to persuade one, and once we started chatting in the car, I find out he’s from Wisconsin, currently living in Norcal.  And he’s surprising his girlfriend, also from Wisconsin but now residing in NYC.  And of course we start gabbing about our respective long distance relationships and why they can work.  And from time to time I chuckle at his contagious laugh.

The cab driver doesn’t immediately leave after he drops him off as he thought at first he stole my bag.  Chuckling, I reassure him that my bag is not with him.  (Although I did quickly look over at him to check if he did take it.  Hey you never know!)

And as I count the numbered streets from Washington Heights down to the Upper East side, I am reminded that a random moment like this doesn’t always have to occur while travelling around the world.  But unlike 10 years ago where Facebook and Myspace were practically nonexistent, I could reconnect if I wanted to.  But in any case, it was a lovely refreshment to my routine meal.

P.S.  I’m with Coco


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