Happy binary palindrome day!


As usual, I’m taking it back, waaaaay back to before I was born.  Way waaaay back to the 19th century: Victorian-era London.

This year, the Westminster City Council are releasing diary entries of Nathaniel Bryceson, a 19 year old wharf clerk who wrote almost daily in 1846.  If you’re a nerd who loves history, like me, you can follow these entries here.

So far they are not lengthy anecdotes (at least not yet) but more comparable to Facebook and Twitter statuses.

BBC has put it perfectly – “Despite the passage of time and the huge advances in technology, his diary shows that human nature has remained fairly constant over the years – people are still interested in many of the same issues that Victorians were in their day.”

BBC also mentioned how he gives details of his “wicked tricks” with his girlfriend.  Can’t wait for those entries!


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