RIP Caffe Nero

Reading about Border’s closing in the UK and finally witnessing these empty shops in Glasgow and London, I was surprised and a bit sad to see that Caffe Nero in Central London was officially boarded up.

Conveniently located on Charing Cross Road, it’s a fantastic place to people watch as it’s a very busy area. In the summer they open up their huge windows and if one was lucky to sit right next to it, you can hear conversations of passersby only to be left feeling a little frustrated after they’ve walked too far, unable to hear the rest of the conversation.

I remember meeting a friend from the BUNAC program (student working visas), gossiping about our respective crushes and liaisons.  And last time I was there was in August of 2008 I remember frantically writing down haikus about a particular person I was surprisingly falling for but was a bit paranoid whether or not I was going to see said person that night.  Hah.

So here’s to the memories.  I’m anxious to find out who’s taken up the space now.


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