Free(man) as a bird

One of my reoccurring dreams is me flying in order to escape an unfortunate event, i.e. people shooting guns at me.

It’s a futuristic dystopia – numerous drab and dreary  monumental buildings yet clear blue skies, and my gut feeling is that I’m not suppose to be here.  I have a small headphone in my ear as I’m trying to get out of this place.  Then, the voice of Morgan Freeman resonates in my ear, “Leave now.”

So I obey.  Instead of trying to run, I attempt what I always do when I’m in this sort of situation (in my dreams that is).  I get on the tips of my toes and push up.  And a way I go – upwards.  As the military look up at me in confusion, I feel victorious.  But this is short-lived.  It was one of those comedic moments in sequels when the protagonists think, “oh yeah I’ve been in this situation before” but this time around it doesn’t work.  For that split second in the air victory becomes utter FAIL.  Then I realize that I’m about to fall.  So I descend.  But not in a frantic realistic way.  Remember this is a dream.  (Morgan Freeman, what do I do now?)  “When you land, head to the nearest military vehicle,” he commands.   So I obey.  I gracefully land in a seat of a jeep.  All these lights brighten up and the engine roars – somehow Morgan Freeman manages to take control of this vehicle without having to be in it with me.  (This is how it feels to be Knight Rider).  He fogs up the interior which obviously prevents people from spotting me (like tinted windows would suffice).  As the vehicle drives off to freedom, the military runs in the opposite direction trying to hunt me down.  (Cue Knight Rider theme song…)


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