Kuku, Chichi, and Bambam

What a way to kick off the Fall season with works by Fay Ku:

Burden Lightens Piecemeal, 2008

Woodmen II, 2008

Keep Your Demons in Check

Keep Your Demons in Check

One of the benefits of working at an art gallery is the travel!  I spent a couple weeks in Paris for the Le Salon du Collectionneur (try saying that three times fast) at the Grand Palais.

Grand Palais

Oh how I enjoyed stuffing my face with croissants, pain du chocolat, crepes, and washing it down with cafe au lait; however I missed my chance to meet former French President Jacques Chirac, as I was on the phone when he walked by my booth:


I expressed to the other art dealers how lax the security was – there might’ve been one or two with him.  If I wanted to, I could’ve given him a good ol’ American hug – he was that easily approachable.  If I were to even think of doing such a thing to President Obama, I’d get tackled by at least 10 Secret Service men, placed in jail, then tried for attempted assassination.

Apparently Mr. Chirac, who would’ve been an art dealer, is also known as “Chichi.”  Could we call President Obama “Bambam” one day?


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