Fetal position

After seeing Jenny Holzer’s exhibition at the Whitney Museum (and the gigantic ice pack and french fries exhibition), I bought a $5 booklet of some of her past essays (rather than her $45 exhibition book).  I came across this mini essay the other day:

” There’s no reason to sleep curled up and bent.  It’s not comfortable, it’s not good for you, and it doesn’t protect you from danger.  If you’re worried about an attack you should stay awake or sleep lightly with limbs unfurled for action.”

I used to sleep in the fetal position.  Even with a full bed, I used to curl up in a little ball, making sure my neck and wrists were covered with my blanket.  Oddly enough, that was comfortable to me.

Years ago I even forbid myself to place my arm over forehead because I thought that would prevent myself from nightmares.  Apparently as a kind I had a nightmare and when I woke up, I had my arm over my forehead so I associated that sleeping position with nightmares.  What a paranoid android!

I noticed nowadays I pretty much take up the whole bed and no, not because I gained weight!  I seemed to unravel myself now, at times sleeping at an angle to take up as much of the bed as possible.

Now that’s progress.  (I want some french fries now).


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