One of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time and it started off by watching this dude who refers to himself as the Millionaire’s Magician on Fri for my boss’ surprise bday party at the Waldorf Towers:

I’m always skeptical with these sort of things but what intrigued me the most (and somewhat creep me out) was how intuitive he was with reading people’s movements and expressions. He seems to be that kind of person who would analyze you while having a conversation, examining every little thing you do. He could probably tell if you were lying or not.

Collision #1: BFF and I were on 79th and Madison waiting for the crosstown bus, when out of nowhere a Benz speeds through two red lights, crashes into a parked taxi, backs into another parked taxi, and swerves onto the sidewalk, almost colliding into a store. I was in complete shock, frozen for a few minutes, and when I came to, BFF was already reporting the accident to the 911 operator. I’m useless! We later found out that the driver supposedly lost control of his car and thankfully nobody was seriously injured. Yet this collision sparked many more to come…

…Which leads us to Collision #2: Upon our arrival at the American Museum of Natural History, we found out that “Cosmic Collisions” was playing at their theater dome – and of course we couldn’t bypass this opportunity! And now for the nerdy stuff – a new theory developed regarding the moon and that it was created by a comet colliding with Earth in its infantile stages and the debris formed the moon in just one month. And apparently billions of years from now the Milky Way and Andromeda will collide, forming one galaxy. As I was sitting in the dome, looking up and watching this film (while Robert Redford narrated), it occurred to me that was in a similar theater as a kid during a field trip. How I would’ve love to recall what exactly I watched and learned at that time so that I can compare to what I just learned today. (Yes, I’m a nerd but when I was your age, Pluto was considered a planet!)

Later that night we met with two mutual friends I haven’t seen in 10 years. Back story – all four of us met 10 years ago at our mother’s 25th college reunion. And of course a night out in NYC includes: heavy rain, free alcohol, and diner food at 6am. Added bonus: collision #3 and #4 occurred while drunkenly wandering around the Lower East Side all night long. (My BFF and I definitely cannot be in the same city for more than a couple days. The universe just can’t handle it!)

On Sunday, and surprisingly not hungover, I convinced the BFF to postpone his flight a few more hours and went on some much need shopping on Broadway. First time there and it reminded me of Oxford St in London. Even though I wasn’t impressed with TopShop (actually didn’t buy anything!), I was in complete awe over Uniqlo!

And to end one fab weekend -I met Sia Furler (one of the singers for the electronic duo Zero 7) today at the subway station off of Canal St!!!!


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