Coachella ella ella eh eh eh

It's great to be in the desert here with you.  Thank you!

"It's great to be in the desert here with you. Thank you!" (To be said with an Icelandic accent)

You really do need an umbrella while at Coachella Festival.

Although Spring officially started about a month ago, today was actually a proper day of Spring.   And I’m stuck at work.

I’m looking out of the windows and I can see people in their shorts, tank tops, and sandals on their way to Central Park.  Le sigh.

And on the other side of the U.S. of A., indie folks are driving into the middle of the desert for the Coachella Festival.  I’m not too upset missing out on three days of unbearable heat.  Plus the line up isn’t that great.  But I do miss experience such a festival with my like-minded friends.  Since two years ago, who could top Bjork and Rage Against the Machine?!

(Side track:  Bjork and DJ Shadow were playing at different stages at the same time so I decided to run back and forth between the two and sure enough, I almost ran right into a guy pissing in the middle of the field.  I recall some splashing?)

But I wouldn’t have mind seeing, M.I.A., Glasvegas, My Bloody Valentine, Lupe Fiasco, Lykke Li, TV on the Radio, Fleet Foxes, and Sebastien Tellier.

Point is, once again I’m just glad that the cold weather is finally making its way out, and hopefully I’ll get off my lazy arse and start exploring this city.


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