Spring forward

So I missed my one year anniversary – it’s been over a year since I started this blog.  But I never was really into celebrating milestones.  But I do like to reflect.  A LOT.  Last year I was overflowing with inspiration, unlike the last few months – I was experiencing a drought.  But now that I’ve got a routine again, I’m beginning to get back into writing.  I realized I wrote solely as a means of communicating and expressing myself when I had an extremely hard time doing.  Now that that isn’t a problem anymore, I really didn’t have the need to write.  Now I’m trying to convince myself that writing isn’t just a means of venting.  That said, I’ve been experimenting with minimal poetry, and most importantly, looking into performing again.  I must admit, I’m very intimidated by the NY poetry scene.  I’ve performed in Chi-town, LA and LDN, but NYC is the mecca for poets.  I’m definitely scoping out the scene – I attended a poetry performance in Brooklyn a few weeks ago and will attend an open mic night hopefully soon.  So even though it was cloudy and rainy today, once again I’m happy winter has surpassed.  And I’m so thankful I managed to get out of my rut!

Other points to make –

1.  Hah!  Slumdog Millionaire did win!

2.  So much for keeping up with posting a Lomo photo everyday…

3.  After almost 6 months, I’m finally getting my haircut next week!  And you know how much I just LOVE change

4.  I’m sure you’re bored of me.  I too am bored of myself.  So what better way to resurrect myself than to get my own website.  Stay tuned, folks!

We are two fish sticks swimming in a fish bowl, year after year

We are two fish sticks swimming in a fish bowl, year after year


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