A lomo photo a day keeps the doctor away

But it sure doesn’t keep the lomo camera away from the doctor!  Once again I’m returning my camera because there’s something wrong with the photo counter.  But this is only a slight annoyance – I’m still an avid lomographer.  I just need to pay attention to details such as making sure the red lights go off when taking a photo – if not, that means the batteries are dead!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the LC-A+ camera.  Lomography has all sorts of celebrations planned throughout the year, one of which includes a daily photo diary for the entire year.  Unfortunately I found out about this yesterday, and that’s 28 days too late.  But I still like this idea, so I’ve decided to partake on a photo diary here on my blog – it just won’t be daily.  Knowing me, I’ll forget or won’t bother and eventually lose interest.

To commemorate President Obama’s inauguration, I’ve decided to post this image:

In Greenwich Village, on my way to Banksy's Pet Shop, 29 Oct 2008

In Greenwich Village, on my way to Banksy's Pet Shop, 29 Oct 2008

Let’s just make sure President Obama continues to make an effort in fixing our economic situation as well as a reputation around the world.  Now that the hype is slowly settling down, let’s hope change does occur.  When Tony Blair won the election the first time, he won by a landslide, just like President Obama.  Then his popularity dwindled due to all sorts of reasons, and eventually he resigned.  Let’s hope it’s a different story for President Obama.

President Obama

Am I still proud to be an American?  Well, if he’s that good with a Jedi or samurai sword, I better be.  Otherwise he may chop my head off.


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