Black Ice vs. Hibernation

What a completely dramatic introduction to start off this blog by saying that I was woken up at 8:30 on a Saturday morning by two cars crashing into each other right in front of my apartment complex. However, I’ve been awake since 6 this morning and the sound of brakes and cars colliding merely sparked my curiosity. I immediately peeked out of my window hoping to see and hear an exchange of profane words followed by some fists flying. Hey, I am in New York City!  But all I got was an exchange of information in what seemed like in complete silence.

I am far from disappointed as this incident did conjure up some sort of motivation to write in this blog that I’ve been avoiding for over a month.

Well what can I say?  A lot has happened and a lot hasn’t happened.  Winter has arrived, and I’ve been fighting the urge to hibernate all winter long.  We all know I’m not the biggest fan of this season and would gladly sleep until Springtime.

I have loads of time on my hands which usually means a sign of bad things to come.  I did go home for a few days and found myself in my usual scenario:  curled up on my bed listening to depressing music.  Normally I’d continue to be this way because in some strange way I find comfort in it.  But for the first time ever, I sat up and thought, “I have nothing to be depressed about.”  Oddly enough I’m still quite optimistic even though I’m crossing roads full of black ice.  For instance, I filed a small claims lawsuit that will take place next January, and yes, I finally followed through with this, and I’m completely relieved that there will soon be a resolution, I hope.  This is much better than relying on false hope for the last 1 1/2 years.  And there’s also my career, which is quite stagnant at the moment.  All this free time is a dream for a writer, but lately I’ve been so unmotivated.  I’ve quite a few unfinished poems and anecdotes, and there’s still my novella I’ve placed on hold for about a year now.

Like any New Yorker I must continue to trudge through the black ice.  At least I’ve got my cute rain boots to help me through!


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