Insomniac’s Reflection Update

I have now returned to SoCal and it’s getting decreasingly strange to be back.  In a way my time in BsAs seems surreal.  And then when I look in the mirror and see two huge mosquito bites on my forehead I’m reminded that the trip really did occur.  Looking back at my last blog, here is an update so far:

1.  Looks like I won’t be going to court only because this person has now lost everything.  Her condo has been repossessed and now they want to take away her car.  And now her phone has been disconnected.  So if I do take her to court she can claim bankruptcy and technically she would not be obligated to pay me back. Thankfully, her mom is willing to help me out as far as getting a hold of her when payments are due.  However, she hasn’t seen her daughter in a month and is worried about her.

2.  I’ve been applying to so many jobs and will be meeting with a couple of galleries once I move to NYC.  I’ve also been contacted by a company that is interested in hiring me.  Plus, I’ve got an apt and the application is in progress.  I’m watching the Today show right now and seeing Rockefeller Plaza in the background is getting me excited about the move!

3.  I was able to go to the MALBA which is a contemporary art museum in Palermo.  It was a joy to finally see artworks by Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo.

4.  Economy is still worrisome.  Bush is still an idiot.

5.  I booked my one-way flight to NYC for the 22 Oct!!!

6.  It ended up pouring dramatically that day and was only able to go to the feria in San Telmo.  Found a vintage hat store and splurged on two lovely hats.

7.  I just had to buy sweets at the shop near school on my last day of work (a week after the last blog was written).  Since returning to Cali I’ve been in control with my eating habits.

(Strange Brazilian guy ended up coming back into the lounge alone and eventually fell asleep on the couch.)


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