Insomniac’s Reflection

Van’s Travels 2008 – Buenos Aires

I have about a week left here in Buenos Aires, and I can’t sleep.  It’s 6am, and I’ve been up since 3am.  I have no clue why so let’s delve into my inner psyche to find out why:

(Strange Brazilian man asked if he could turn off the light in the lounge room that we’re in.  Weird)

1. Someone that I haven’t been in touch with in almost ten years reappeared into my life two years ago.  Then last summer I regrettably lent her a shitload of money and after a little over a year of broken promises, still owes me money.  In the end I did a good deed but this has been unnecessary stress.  Now I’m debating whether or not to take her to court which would be more of a hassle since I’m moving to NYC in a month.

(Strange Brazilian man is now making the moves on some Argentinian chick.  Ahh, that’s why he wanted to turn off the lights.  He’s showing her how his SLR camera works by sitting behind her with his arms around her (and God knows what afterwards)

2.  Moving to NYC –  I’m uber excited about this as I’ve now got a roommate sorted out and soon an apt.  But I still need to find a job.  Am I willing to take on temp jobs or even become a server until I find something in the arts?  I may not have a choice on this one.

(I think strange Brazilian man is trying to convince Argentinian chick that he wants to kiss her yet she keeps pulling away.  Perhaps I’m cockblocking.  Sorry dude, I ain’t going anywhere)

3.  Yesterday was the best day so far as I was able to get my usual dose of art and music.  The Nacionale Museo de Bella Artes is a lovely museum.  It was great to see the contemporary and modern art work by the South Americans, and they sure do love their vibrant colours.  The building itself is very nice and the way everything is situated was pretty unique.  For instance their bookshop is situated within one of their staircases.  Quite clever.  Afterwards I headed over to the Cultural Center in Recoleta as their was a mini festival with video installations and clips.  I was especially impressed by Uva vs. Massive Attack’s “United Snakes” and this one piece which included elongated flourescent light bulbs sticking out of a wall in one line, and the lights of different colours would move and appear to different kinds of beats.  Plus, I had dinner with Evita’s corpse.  Actually the restaurant was directly across from the Recoleta cemetery where Evita is buried. Still, that’s pretty sweet.

(Strange Brazilian man is now massaging Argentinian chick.)

4.  President George W. Bush addressed his fellow Americans the other day, and he basically said that we should panic if this dodgy bill isn’t passed by Congress.  That wasn’t too clever.  Really, we should panic?

5.  I need to book my flight to NYC.  One-way or return?

6.  Should I go to Uruguay next Friday?  I really should save my money but when’s the next time I’ll ever go to Uruguay?

7.  Today is a funfilled day of the ferias in San Telmo and Palermo.  But let’s see if I wake up as I’m going to attempt to fall asleep now.

8.  Testing my self-discipline:  no sweets until my last day in Buenos Aires.  I’ve been eating way too much sugar.  In fact I’ve been eating way too much since being here.  Self-control and everything in moderation!

Wow, that’s a lot going on in my mind.

(Strange Brazilian man and Argentinian chick have now left the room.  Defeat or victory?)


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