Worth the worry

Van’s Travels 2008 – LDN and NYC

Before I mention LDN, let me regress to NYC:

I must admit, before arriving in NYC I was worried.  They say London and NYC are very similar, therefore I would like NYC.  However, I absolutely LOVE London and thought, well, could NYC compare?  Would I really like it?  After spending five days there, I can say that I’m happy and relieved that I enjoyed my time.  I absolutely adore the city!  I didn’t do much tourist-type stuff because I ended up running all over Manhattan, going from one art gallery to another.  My one interview I had expanded to four.  In fact, a nice stroll in Central Park in a bicycle taxi sounds ideal but not when it’s pouring down, while rushing past cars to get to uptown from downtown for another interview.

My trip to NYC was a success.  Too much of a success I think.  I bagged a job without expecting it but it came with a price – I was able to head to London but would have to sacrifice my South America trip.  Plus I had a flat pending for me.

So what is this blogger to do?

All of July my life was in limbo.  I decided to turn down the job offer because deep down in my heart it didn’t seem right.  Then I found out the job that I really want was given to someone internally.  However, they wanted to interview me for the same position but in a different field.  So it was very convenient that I had yet another interview last week in London.  First, a phone interview in California.  Then an in person interview in New York City.  And finally a third interview in London.  Dammit, I better get this job!

And now London.  Again, a few weeks prior to London I was getting worried again.  But I’m happy to say that once again London’s charms have reminded me how much I love and miss this city.  (You should have seen me as I got out of the tube station at Picadilly Circus – tired but smiling due to this rush of happiness that overwhelmed me.  Good God I’m quite saccharine!).  I’m pretty certain that in a few years time I’ll be based here permanently.

At this moment, my life isn’t nearly as in limbo as it was, say a week ago?  I won’t know about this job position until next month but it is certain that I’m heading to South America in a couple weeks!  I got an email confirming my stay and what to expect on my first day of work.

Downside to London – I’ve spent way too much money here, and it’s only been 2 weeks!  And I’ve decided to stay one more week so let’s see if I can survive on £100 for the next 2 weeks…


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