Van’s Travels 2008 – London

While wandering around Leicester Square:

“Excuse me…”

Right when I turned my head I thought, “Damn, I shouldn’t have done that!”

Since he was carrying a red rectangular bag, my intuition was that he was going to convince me to buy something useless or donate money to a third world country. But then he proceeded to vent about his long distance relationship. He lives here in London, and she lives in Toronto. She thinks he’s cheating on her but apparently he isn’t. And now he thinks she’s cheating on him. I found it amusing that this character had no problem telling me his love story. And the fact that he was so animated, jumping around, swaying side by side whilst informing me about his problems made it all the more entertaining. (Later, he mentioned that he’s a dancer for children’s shows). And after declaring his love for his girlfriend to me, he asked for my number.

“Stay away from dem London blokes,” says a friend of mine. Clearly, I will.


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