Happen to have a proactive stance

I used to be intimidated by being proactive. My former philosophy was to expect the worse because if the worse did happen, I wouldn’t be disappointed with myself as I already expected it.
Yet recently I’ve been taking the idea of being proactive as an ally. I’ve taken the initiative with no fears because honestly, what’s the worse that could happen?

Then there’s happenstance. Heck, the mere sound of the word I thoroughly enjoy. Perhaps the balance of the two could be quite useful. Or, place happenstance on one side of a seesaw and proactive on the other, and continue to sway from one to another depending on the situation. Either way, it’s quite nice not to have a negative point of view on life anymore. But then again, it is the summer. Let’s hope I have this outlook on life come wintertime.


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One response to “Happen to have a proactive stance

  1. nicolasenrique

    I felt that some ago and changes sometimes are drastic,and like you said not have that negative point of view on life anymore and being proactive; go forward everyday, If the problem can be solved why to worry about it, and if the problem can not be solved why to worry about it.
    It’s hard; however, still working for me sometimes.

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