A glimpse into my childhood

It’s been over a year since I started working at my current job.   I remember starting off making phone calls, knowing the nervousness of my voice echoed the room.  Over a year later, I’m not at the least bit anxious about anything anymore.  I’ve connected with my colleagues when before I kept to myself all the time.

One of my duties as Director of Education is to visit my students’ teachers at their schools (Yes, not so artsy but hey, I gotsta make the moneys!). Because I’m working in an area where I grew up, I’ve come across role models from the past. For instance, I ran into my elementary school principal, and oddly enough, he actually remembered me! And on one of my other visits, I ended up meeting with a teacher who happened to be my junior high school principal.

Then I visited my elementary school that I only attended for kindergarten and part of 1st grade. I find the innocence and naive perspective of a little first grader so amusing. On my last day there, which happened to be Halloween, I was prancing around in my magenta flower girl dress (I was a princess), hanging out with my friend after school. Because it was my last day, her older brother was yelling, “Forget about her!” Haha, what a cruel kid! In fact, it’s probably true that she did forget about me. Even now I don’t remember her name.

Before meeting with my students’ teacher, I glanced at the playground for the kindergartners and the same slide was still there! I used to think how huge and amazing that slide was, and now, I chuckle the mere idea of it. This playground was my world. Now, the world is my playground.


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