“That’s a wrap!” says the komodo dragon

A visual interpretation of my poem entitled, “In Bed (Part 1)” is currently in progess…

Filming a piece isn’t as glamorous as it seems.  Especially when it involves cleaning not only one but two bathtubs, rearranging the furniture in my room, and cleaning every single dish my parents own.  And it is especially not fun when the first day of filming ended up flooding my parents’ kitchen.  Seeing my friend, wrapped in a towel, in the kitchen, and in the middle of all this water leaking from different parts of the ceiling will forever be embedded in my brain!

As for today, the second day of filming wasn’t as dramatic, although it was postponed for almost a week due to the insane California weather.  Who would’ve thought a tornado AND hailing would actually occur at the same time within 100 miles of each other?  But the postponment was definitely worth it as was absolutely gorgeous today.  And I had the important role of mixing paint and holding the reflective shield for lighting (aka my windshield cover for my car).

Although it wasn’t glamorous, it was still a lot of fun!  It was great to see an idea on lined paper come to life, and I’m definitely looking forward to contributing my part for the film.

Special thanks the Chanida Anukul and Steve Martinez for the great improv and acting!  And to the director, smithyallen – I’ll elaborate more on my sincere gratitude to you once we have the finish product!



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