I’m trying to figure out why I have writer’s block.

Maybe it’s just an excuse.  My thoughts are running at a thousand light years per minute, and I can’t seem to pinpoint anything in my brain. 

Maybe I’m distracted.  This blog post in particular is taking me hours to write because I’d rather be somewhere else, doing something else.

Maybe I’m lazy.  This hot weather makes me want to lie around in front of the tele and do absolutely nothing!

Nowadays, there’s a pill for everything.  Is there one out there that’ll cure writer’s block?



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2 responses to “Blockage

  1. memoandmyself

    unfortunatly I don’t know any pills like that… I so would need one once in a while. how frustrating can it be to stand in front of your screen, your hands ready on the keyboard…and NOTHING. I never get that…I always feel I have so much to say…but it’s not organized up there…

  2. careful says : I absolutely agree with this !

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