I read the news today oh boy…

It mentioned about how some people hate the idea of networking.  Not believing in networking seems so unrealistic to me.  I feel as though networking is vital to my career.  Thinking back four years ago, connections are what brought me to London.  And I have now come full circle as these connections in London are now bringing me closer and closer to New York.

Not only am I checking out New York this summer (yes, surprisingly, I’ve never been to New York!), I’m also heading to London for a few weeks.  My friends feel as though I shouldn’t go back, and I know they’re looking out for me, but I was offered a free trip to London, and by golly, who would pass that up?  London came way before a certain kind of relationship, so those two things are definitely not connected in anyway.  No one is taking London away from me!

And most importantly, I must continue voicing out my verbatim.


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