Rooftop Lounges

Van’s Travels 2008 – San Diego, California

I’ve come to the conclusion that I bring bad weather with me where ever I go.  Once I left Chicago, the city warmed up.  And now in San Diego, although it wasn’t as cold as it was in The Chi, it was grey and cloudy (and it was bright and sunny the day before I arrived!).  San Diego in general is gorgeous but it’s way too scenic for me.  And it also reminds me of the OC.  There are no “hole in the walls” for me to get uber drunk.  And whereas some people love the sound of waves as they sleep, I need sirens, trains, and cars in order for me to get my daily dose of R.E.M.

I forgot to mention that “Van’s Travels 2008” is really my world tour of, “Where the hell am I going to end up by the end of the year?”  Chicago.  San Diego.  London.  Buenos Aires.  New York.  Los Angeles.  If these cities were in a race, Chicago so far would be in the lead.


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