I’m driving at 4 in the morning, and my past and present are at odds, as if one has challenged the other to a duel.  The sun will rise in an hour or so, and it’s up to me whether the one or the other will prevail.  See, a wise woman once told me that after a break-up, you take the time to return to how you were before you met that person.  Those simple words seemed so profound to me.  The past few months I became determined to remain focused on my goals and to relearn how to be self-reliant.  And I’ve also started reconnecting with people whom I lost touch with over the years.  But tonight I faced a slight hiccup in this wise woman’s words.  Seeing a certain person for the first time in four years reminded me of the person who I once was back then.  So it’s not the people from the past and present that were at odds.  It’s how I was then and how I am now that have clashed.  As I’m driving, nearly half asleep, I must continue to remain focused.  Don’t swirve into the other lane, the lane where you once were.  Concentrate on the lane you are in now.  That’s how the person you have grown to be will prevail.


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