Today is a new day

Let me reiterate:  When getting ready for an interview, PLEASE don’t wear jeans, sandals, and a hat.   Also, don’t inform the potential employer that you’ve been fired, especially when chewing gum.

Speaking of interviews, do you feel as though dates are similar to interviews?   Last night, I had my first date in almost four years.  To be honest, I dread the idea of going on a date.  I shiver at the mere thought of it.  In fact, the date I had four years ago was an absolute disaster.  I met this Irish bloke at a pub in Leicester Square (he was actually the bartender).  The next day, he took me to this small underground Irish pub in SoHo (yeah, the ‘three day rule’ is nonexistent in Europe).  We were sitting at the bar, talking about who knows what.  All I can remember now is how I could barely understand him due to the noise coupled by the fact that he had a heavy Irish accent.  I’m sure there were the usual interview-like questions:  What do you do for a living?  What do you do during your spare time?  What kind of music do you like listening to?  Etc, etc.  So like I said, we were in an Irish pub which means the majority of beer served at this place was Guinness.  As I listened to this Irish bloke rant on, I watched the bartender pour numerous pints of Guinness, placing them side by side near me.  Then, he made a slight move which knocked over one pint that turned into a catalyst for a domino effect.  Thus, 8 or 9 pints fell over yours truly.  I was practically swimming in this dry stout.  (Hmm, a fantasy for Irish guys?  A girl in a pool of Guinness?)  Anyway, drenched in Guinness, I came to the conclusion that that night was a bust.

Now I’m craving a pint of Guinness with a splash of black currant.

I had no clue that today was daylight savings day.  It’s been warm and sunny lately so what better day than today to start Spring.  So I shall bid farewell to Winter (and good riddance)!


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