I’m a grammarian

Happy Leap Day! 

I started a retirement fund today.  I don’t know about you, but I feel completely weirded out by it.  And I’m still getting used to this whole 9-5 job (well, more like 8-7) with monthly bonuses and health/dental insurance.  But this is what the vast majority of people strive for, right?  Then why do I still feel empty and unsatisfied?  Anyway, I received a call from Morgan-Stanley, and when I told Mr. So-n-So with a Texan accent how much I was worth (apparently people judge worth by financial aspects, i.e. assets, savings), he said, “Honey, most companies won’t bother dealing with you.  But here at Morgan-Stanley, we will look after you.  Yeee-haaaw!”  (Okay, sans the yee-haaw part).  Basically, he told me that I was worthless.  From a monetary standpoint, I am worth nothing.  Nada.  Rien.  Zilch.  Nil.  Thanks corporate America!

Moving on to something more meaningful (and as if my life isn’t busy already), I’ve also started my TEFL online course.  As of now, I’m on the grammar portion.  Who would’ve thought that I can teach grammar by analyzing the lyrics to “Hard Days Night” by The Beatles –  “It’s been a hard days night” can be seen as: “It has been a hard days night;” has been being the present perfect = has/have + past participle. 


Other random trivia:

What’s the plural form of oasis? oases  ox?  oxen  thesis?  theses

and my favorite:  octopus?  octopi



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