Balancing a sexual demonstration on my nose

What a drab n desolate day.

I’m in a descending elevator.  A descending elevator crowded with valet employees.  I look down at myself – I’m wearing what they’re wearing –  a white-collar long sleeve top with a red bow tie, red vest, and black trousers.  I’m slightly confused.  How did I end up here?  My supposed fellow colleagues anticipate about the luxury cars they’ll be fortunate to drive.  Audi R8.  Ferrari Enzo.  Infiniti G35.  Mercedes CL 600.  Porsche 911.  Lamborghini Testarossa.  But in my hand, I don’t have a set of keys.  I look around the elevator and realized that this isn’t an ordinary elevator.  It’s one of those wooden devices that window cleaners use on the sides of skyscrapers.  But we are in an elevator shaft.  Not on the side of a skyscraper.  And we’re valet workers not window cleaners.  The pulley devices on the sides are made of rope, and those are what’s making us descend.  Descend where?  I have no clue.  Then one of the pulley devices snaps.  We lose balance as the wooden elevator is now hanging by one side.  I manage to squeeze through an opening.  Then I start running.  Through the auditorium.  Through offices.  Through classrooms.  I must escape.  Hoping that each door I open would lead outside, I end up in another room.  But I keep running.  As I pass through each room, the people look confused.  Or they yell at me to get back to work.  But I keep running.  Then success!  The brightness of the outdoors almost blinds me.  The smell of the crisp fresh air intoxicates me.  But I keep running.  I ignore the onlookers.  I ignore the evergreen trees and bushes.  I ignore the temptation to stop running.  In fact, I can’t believe I still have the endurance to run.  I look back – the building I just escaped from was created within a mountain.  I can see the windows within the mountain’s crevices.  I look ahead.  I’m surrounded by more mountains.  But there are no buildings in these ones.  I look up at the sky – it’s such a bright and sunny day, yet it’s chilly.  Perhaps it’s one of those days where there was a horrendous downpour the night before, and now, the clouds have passed, letting the sun shine at it’s brightest.  I run through miniature wooden bridges and listen to the water falling on the sides of the mountains as well as the water streams underneath me.  I continue to look forward and ignore the past.  And I now pay attention to the evergreen trees and bushes.  What a gorgeous view – I could take a beautiful landscape shot but I can’t stop running. 


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